Loan Without Private Credit and Salary Garnishment

A loan without private credit and salary garnishment can not be obtained from any German bank or savings bank. The reasons are obvious, because no bank awards a loan without having checked the salary and obtained a private creditauskunft.

Even if the salary is high enough and paid on a regular basis, it does not help much. A salary garnishment is always a serious exclusion reason for lending. In this case, the bank would have no chance of accessing the customer’s salary if at least two monthly installments are paid.

credit Providers

credit Providers

The only way to obtain a loan without a private credit and salary garnishment would be to ask a credit intermediary. He also can not guarantee and will always make sure that a certain minimum credit rating is available. Other statements are dubious and should be viewed with great caution. A salary garnishment always results from the fact that the debtor has not paid his bills in the past and also several reminder letters have been unsuccessful.

This is the worst possible condition for taking out a loan. It would be much better to focus on paying off the old debts for the time being, before accepting new obligations in the form of a loan without private credit and salary garnishment. This will be confirmed by any reputable credit intermediary and bank. However, those who conclude that they need a loan despite all the difficulties should, as far as possible, ensure that they find a guarantor, a second applicant or other collateral.

In addition, he would have to be aware that the monthly installments for the loan without private credit and salary garnishment must be covered with the help of the amount of money that is actually earmarked for the family’s livelihood. For singles the same applies.

personal loans

personal loans

A good way to get a loan without private credit and salary garnishment, would be a request in the private circle of friends, acquaintances or relatives. Once again, however, there is no guarantee and lending always requires special confidence in the borrower. That is precisely why it would be very important to strictly adhere to the arrangements that are made in the context of lending. This applies to a very special degree to people who otherwise have little opportunity to obtain a credit in a serious way.

Anyone looking for a personal loan on the Internet and turning to a credit intermediation portal would also have to expect that its credit rating will be examined more closely. However, the criteria can be set individually, which is not the case with a bank loan.

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